GNMI subscriptions with telegraf

I have set up a GNMI input subscription. But as it stands, it only appears to update when there is a state change in the data. This creates issues when trying to visualize the data as some of it can be months old.

Is there a way to get my subscription to send current data regardless of whether it changed? I have the subscription type set to “sample” but it seems to be still sending “on change” updates.

name = “bgp_neighbor_state_updated”
origin = “openconfig-network-instance”
path = “/network-instances/network-instance/protocols/protocol/bgp/neighbors/neighbor/state/”
subscription_mode = “sample”
sample_interval = “10s”

Hello @Brian_Gibson,
Have you tried the recommendations here? Influxdb not inserting repeated data received from inputs.gnmi telegraf plugin

Or use the test command? ./telegraf -config telegraf.conf -test to ensure that you’re getting the expected line protocol?
Thank you


I responded to that other thread. It appears that the data is being properly to influxdb.

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