Simple query shows empty result


This is the weird behavior i asking about:

I have DB called batak with a measurement called test2. Now sensors send data to it and in the beginning it all worked as it should but after a few more (maybe 20 more) data inputs i can’t query for the tag(idx) any more. It shows empty result as you can see here:


When i query for the field nvalue. That works as it should. Why it doesn’t with the tag idx?

Am i doing something wrong here?


Using influx 1.8

Hello @EDsteve,
Welcome! do you mind sharing the line protocol you used to write this data? I would first make sure that your idx is an int.
Secondly you need to query with quotes like this:
select * from train_speed where "location"='wewatta' limit 5

Thanks for your answer.
With the quotes it works. :smiley: It’s just strange that it worked before without it.

The idx should be integer though (will check again).