Query with where clause for tag field not working

I am running a very simple query with a where clause on a tag field as shown below, but I am not getting the expected row back.

> select "score","i_unique"::tag  from "events.flow"  where "i_unique" = '42422440-41124048-155896-42266768-229624-233640'

A measurement with the given i_unique value does exist, because it shows up when I run

select "score","i_unique"::tag  from "events.flow" 

I do get the row with the specified i_unique value. Is the dashes in the value causing the problem or is my syntax itself wrong?
I also posted in stackoverflow before I found out about this community. Any help would be great. Thank You.

Turns out there was an error on my insert. I was inserting an additional double quote for my tag. It is obvious now, when I look at the result of the search query, but missed it completely. So this was a problem with my insert and not select. Once I removed the additional " s, everything is making sense again.

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