Select tag and value from measurment

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i am a newbie in influxql, i’ll try to select tag between select and from clause but it doesnt work.
only fields are available.
How i can write my request like :
select time, code, response from httplog where time> "..."
code is a key and not a field :
httplog,code=200,application=AAAA response=1200,size=3892 14845353453

the result is empty, select * works but i don’t want any fields

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I believe this would work: select "response","code" from httplog

See documentation on the select statement for field key and tag key.

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yes, it’s work. i think i need choose a value with tag otherwise it doesn’’ work

Thanks a lot

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Yep, as the docs say:

Be careful with your use of the terms tag and field. Things will be easier if you’re explicit every time.

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