Begginer question - Where clause in influx db v1

I’m new to Influx db.
I’m trying to get info from two measurements that has each an index tag with the same values.

In standard sql should be:

SELECT * FROM ifTable, ifXtable WHERE ifTable.index = ifXTable.index

But in Influx I get nothing.

Is the WHERE clause only valid to filter data?

@PabloFraire In a traditional SQL implementation, the query execution plan that gets built for the type of query you’re looking to run actually performs an inner join to join the two tables into one table. It then uses the WHERE clause to evaluate rows in the joined table. InfluxQL is a SQL-like query language that does not support all SQL functionality, one of which is joins. Because InfluxQL does not support is joins, this type of query is not possible with InfluxQL.

Thanks for the clarification!