Tag values with Flux query

I’m in need of help with a query that has been working fine for months but then suddenly stopped.
I’m running Influx 1.8 with a “influxdb-client-java” connector. Thus I’m limited to Flux as a query language, A query I had working is:

import “influxdata/influxdb/v1”
v1.measurementTagValues(bucket: “mydb/autogen”, measurement: “marketData”, tag: “symbol” )

Data is still there is I query the database with

show tag values from marketData with key=“symbol”

But Flux query returns empty. What could go wrong ? Direction to investigate

This sounds like a bug. Can you raise this on our GitHub issue tracker, please? Tag me in it and I’ll make sure it gets picked up

Same username on GitHub

Sorry for the problem, but we’ll help get this sorted :+1:

Hey! Thanks for attention to the matter.
I did some more research and found that
function “v1.measurementTagValues” is essentially

bucket: bucket,
tag: tag,
predicate: (r) => r._measurement == measurement

“start” param is omitted and seems to default to “-30d”, So I have changed to a call

import “influxdata/influxdb/v1”
bucket: “mydb/autogen”,
tag: “symbol”,
predicate: (r) => r._measurement == “marketData”,
start: -10y)

That worked like a charm, looks like “v1.measurementTagValues” isn’t designed for older measurements but seems wrong and unexpected.
Anyways, would you like to get a ticket for this issue still ?

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