SHOW measurements strange behaviour

So I’ll try to explain the suposed error I have found (I put it here because I’m confident it’s my fault XD)

So from this database you can see that when I call show measurements I can see the list of said measurements.

Now let’s change to another database:
In this case you can see that supposedly there are no measurements.
So let’s try another command. I know there is a field CO2 on measurement Sensor1 that has data, so lets find it:

Et voilà.

How is it possible that existing a measurement called Sensor1 with actual data on it it doesn’t show when I call show measurements?

Hello @Marti_B,
I don’t know. That seems like a bug to me. Can you please submit an issue GitHub - influxdata/influxdb: Scalable datastore for metrics, events, and real-time analytics ?