Show full integer value in graphs? (E.g., 12345678 rather than 12M)

Is there any way to get chronograf to show the full value for large integer data?
For a time series line chart where the y-axis is a large number, the number is abbreviated, and I can’t figure out how to see the full value. For example:

Hovering over a point shows the same abbreviated values.
Any ideas?

Hello @Joshua_Redstone,
Welcome! I don’t think that’s possible in Chronograf and unfortunately it looks like it’s not an option in the InfluxDB 2.0 UI in the Data Explorer or the .
Can you please submit a feature request? GitHub - influxdata/ui: UI for InfluxDB

Done, submitted feature request:
Option to show full integer value in graphs (E.g., 12345678 rather than 12M) · Issue #1200 · influxdata/ui · GitHub

I added a comment to that GitHub issue as I’m seeing something similar with really small floats.