Shift data by a calculated duration in a Tickscript

I am trying to set a timestamp in a stream to be written on a InfluxOutputNode.
I read a stream, i read the timestamp from another stream, and i would like to use that timestamp to shift my starting datastream and write it out to influx.
I didn’t find any way to set explicitly the ‘time’ field, it looks special. So i stumbled on the ShiftNode, but i cannot pass a lambda or a field to it, it supports just a explicit hardcoded string.
Is there any way to set the timestamp of my points writing on influxoutputnode? Is there a way to pass a calculated duration to the ShiftNode?

Hello @joel73,
I’m sorry Kapacitor is being EOL. There is limited support for it. I don’t know the answer here. Id recommend using the client libraries or APIS and another solution for alerting and transforming data like a faas.