Apply kapacitor stream tick script to backdata?

I have a tick script that utilizes the |eval(lambda:) node to derive a new measurement field.
How can I get that applied to 30d of backdata?

I tried kapacitor record for query batch and stream.
stream takes duration and only seems to be realtime.
batch seems ok but requires I rewrite my tick script.
query (-type stream) never returns.

For reference:

after speaking with influxdb folks, the following solution worked very well for me:

kapacitor replay-live  query -query 'select * from "telegraf"."autogen"."http_response" where time > now() - 30d group by *' -task http_response_atb -rec-time

was able to replay 30d of telegraf http_response plugin data against streaming task ‘http_response_atb’ using timestamps as recorded (it defaults to something without -rec-time)