Setting Timezone in Flux?

Hi there,
is there a possibility to set a timezone in Flux (like the way its possible in SQL-Query influxdb: for example tz(‘Europe/Amsterdam’) ??

I know there is an option:
But I have no idea how to use this in my flux-query.

Damn: I didnt see the link is marked with [IMPL#XXX]
So it isnt implemented yet :frowning:

For now, you can use offset

Hopefully tz added soon :grinning:

Actually Im using the aggreageWindow-Function… and there is no offset-option available. At now Im using timeshift…

I tried the window-function with offset as well.
Suprisly the offset doesnt make any change to my data. No idea why.

Timeshift is the better way to do it! It was added recently though, do I wasn’t sure if you had access to it.

That’s great. Hope it does what you need :grinning: