SQL / InfluxQL time zone settings

Hello everyone,
my first post here :slight_smile:
Trying to figure out the things I can do with the Iox engine, and the very first thing that I think I’m missing is how to set up the session time zone for a query.
For example, I’d like to select data (with SQL) with a windowed function, let’s say with a 1 day window.
Or again, I write a simple select, including the timestamp in the select list, and a where clause on the timestamp as well.
I’d like them to automatically work with a desired timezone (and return the timestamps in that timezone as well), so that I don’t need to make awkward calculations with the UTC offset and the DST adjustment.
Is that possible? For example, in Postgres I would write something like “SET SESSION TIME ZONE ‘Europe/Berlin’”, or in Flux, a command like “option location = timezone.location(name: “Europe/Rome”)” was available.
Thank you!

Hello @Torakiki73,
Welcome! Thanks for giving 3.x a shot!
Unfortunately I don’t think there is that functionality. We use the datafusion SQL implementation under the hood and I don’t see that existing there in the reference:

I recommend just using to SQL to query your data and then transforming it with the python client library which supports pandas and polars.

Hello Anais,
thanks a lot for your answer!
Retrieving all the data points from Influx, and then transforming them with Python or something, is surely a viable option, even though I was hoping for something built-in :slight_smile:
I have some concerns over the performances when big time spans are involved, covering maybe tens of thousands datapoints, but that’s something I’ll have to test.
Thanks again for your time!