aggregateWindow and managing queries in local time

Hi All.

I’m trying to work with data in local time (Australia/Melbourne, or AEST we are currently in daylight savings).

I have some sensors that are writing data to influx in batches but those batches contain a timestamp in UTC. (Influx will reject the insert if UTC is not set properly).

I also have a time column writing data in local time.

I’d like to use aggregateWindow() to summarise some things - but my understanding is that it will use the default _time column.

how can I get aggregateWindow using a specified time column OR how can I adjust the _time column (default) to be in my local timezone?

I’ve set option.location as per below but it doesn’t seem to impact _time.

option location = timezone.location(name: “Australia/Melbourne”)

I should add that I’m aware of the timeshift() function, which works well, but I need to be able to dynamically adjust according to the local time, which means catering for different timezones and various DST changes fairly seamlessly.