Set up Tokens to log in via python API


i have recently set up an instance of influxDB on my box, However, when i log in via chrome, I click on settings and there is no section to set up a token, which means I cannot log in via my python API .
can someone assist please

Tell us enough about what you have done so that someone else could reproduce
your setup. We at least need basic information such as:

  1. What have you installed InfluxDB on (distribution, version)?
  2. Which version of InfluxDB have you installed?
  3. How did you install it (package from repository, source, other)?
  4. Where did you get InfluxDB from (which repository, where was the source)?
  5. What instructions did you follow to install it (URL if possible)?
  6. Did you get any error messages at all during the installation (what were
  7. Once it was installed, what URL are you entering into Chrome to log in?

Anything else you can tell us which would help someone re-create what you now
have would be useful.




I havbe now managed to get logged in and it all looks good. But I am trying to connect via python …
i have created a token … but now not sure how to log into influxDB via my pyothn API …
I can set up a client … within python
InfluxDBClient(host=‘localhost’, port = 8086, username=‘xxxxx’)
but i get following error when trying to list databases
influxdb.exceptions.InfluxDBClientError: 401: {“code”:“unauthorized”,“message”:“Unauthorized”}

I think i need to place the token somewhere for InfluxDB to pick up … so I can successfully hook into my session …

i think i may have set up my user with no permissions … which is why i am unauthorised …
can i change this …

You can log in to the UI, click Load Data on the left side, in the Source tab see Client Libraries and there is Python. It will show you examples with your data, how to connect to the server, write data and do queries.