Send Graph Using KAPACITOR

Is it possible to plot a graph then send it with kapacitor?

Consider a very basic case, disk usage 80%. I can send all required information but is it possible to plot a pie chart and send it with email alert.


I’m not sure this is possible at the moment, Would be a nice feature request though - We send our alerts to OpsGenie and it would be fantastic if the payload from Kapacitor could add a snapshot of a graph when the alert was generated.

Yeap, it would be pretty good. I think, I can somehow manage this using python, kapacitor .exec method and may be grafana api or some python library like matplotlib. Still, It would be great and very easy for users to have something builtin. Kapacitor should ask chronograf for a graph and send us the response both as an image and chronograf url that points to the resulting graph.