Send alert notification on local machine

Hi there,

I need some ideas on how to send alert notifications. But first, my scenario:

I provide data over a PLC from drives in a machine with OPC UA and store the data in an influxDB v2. I have built a little program (in C#) that collects the data and stores it in the database. The database is running on an IPC with Windows 10. The IPC is not connected to the internet and is only available within the machine network. So the whole setup is offline.

I now want to get a notification when an alarm is fired and send it back to the PLC. But I’m not sure how I can do this in an offline scenario.

What could be ways to realize this?
Is there an API so I can read the alarm history with my client?

What I could imagine is making the alarm checks on my own. Query the data periodically and check against a threshold. But I think it’s better to use the included alert function.

I’m happy for any input.

Kind regards

@Julek23 This sounds like you’re going to have to build your own custom alerting pipeline, but I don’t think it will be too involved. I’m actually not a big fan of the checks and notifications system. IMO, it’s unnecessarily limiting I prefer to roll my own.

Yes, but it’s not explicitly for alerts. You can just use the /api/v2/query API. The InfluxDB v2 checks and notifications system stores alert-related data in the _monitoring system bucket.. If you already have checks and notifications configured, you can use your PLC client to query this bucket and then propagate alerts based on the query results.

If you don’t want to deal with the checks and notification system, you can configure your own Flux tasks to routinely query and identify points that cross a threshold and then write those points to another bucket. You can then query data from that other bucket and trigger alerts based on the results. This is essentially the same worklow as using the checks and notification system, you just aren’t limited by what the UI let’s you configure for a check.