Security InfluxDB

Hi, :raised_hand:

First of all, I’ve read here and I suggest to read those who haven’t yet. Still I’ve some questions.

  1. Do you think is there any real benfit of setting https on influx:8086. I will be sending data like performance counters from servers. I don’t think it’s sensiteve.
  2. Will https make data transfer slower, I mean considerably slower, compared to http.
  3. Let’s say I’ve configured https with a wildcard. Then I also have to show the ssl key files on telegraf agent conf. Am I right?

And the most important question:

  1. I don’t want to write username and passwd to my influx database in telegraf.conf in clear text. Is there any alternative for both linux and windows. Windows is more important for my situation.

Please, enlighten me :facepunch: