Restore of backup generated on Windows does not work on Linux

I have two instances of Influx 2.6.1, one running on a Windows10 virtual machine and the other running on a Linux vm. I need to backup data from the Win instance and partially restore data on the Linux instance.
I successfully created the backup from Linux prompt with the command:

influx backup --host http://{win-vm-ip}:8086 --token {win-token} {backup-path}

Then I restored data from a single bucket to a new bucket using the command:

influx restore --bucket {bucket-name-backup} --new-bucket {new-bucket-name} --token {linux-token} {backup-path}

Everything seems to work fine, but I cannot see the restored bucket anywhere.
It does not appear in the Data Explorer nor in the bucket list in command prompt.

I checked this issue on github regarding the same problem, but it is 7 years old (should be solved?).
I checked the files and folders in /var/lib/influxdb/engine/data, but i cannot see differences between the existing bucket folders and the restored one.

Any help is really appreciated. Thanks.