Influxdb 1.1: Issue with backup/restore: wrong data visible after restore


I’m currently testing backup and restore with influxdb 1.1, and having issues with it.

Short description:

  • Backup db -> bck1
  • delete data in db
  • insert data in db
  • stop influx
  • Restore from backup
  • start influx
  • Expected: Changes done after backup (delete, insert) are not visible
  • Observed: All the changes are still visible!
  • Work-around: if I drop the database before restore, I see everything as expected.

Has anybody an idea why that happens?
I don’t get any error message, and - as described above - everything works fine if I drop the database first.
For details on the commands I’m using, pls. see below

The commands, I’m using

  • backup: influxd backup -database
  • delete data: done with influx, drop series
  • stop database
  • restore:
    influxd restore -metadir /var/lib/influxdb/meta
    influxd restore -database -datadir /var/lib/influxdb/data
    sudo chown -R influxdb:influxdb /var/lib/influxdb

Further investigation:
I checked what’s going on on file system level.
There, new tsm-files have been created from the backup.
The names are different than the existing ones, so the “old” and the “new” tsm files both exist.
If I manually delete the “old” files I see the expected results.

@mattibf This sounds like an issue. Can you open an issue on Influx please?

Sorry, just saw your answer right now. Since there’s the new backup/restore mechanism, I won’t create an issue for the old one