Response: 404 when trying to send R-Pi 4 CPU temps to influxdb

I am trying the python script below, the influxdb (v2.6.1) settings for URL/token/org/bucket are correct, these work on other devices, but when I run the script from the terminal I get

root@pi:/home/user# python3
Temperature: 52.1°C | Response: 404

Any ideas? Thanks all

import os
import requests
import time

TOKEN = "12kjeDvikaXkvWivf_ae-bIL_ZF5TgX-lZIrZQrX495wnT5qaEx9789KGZOKxCVrRofmThb7kCxf1dX5iofr_Q=="
ORG = "myorg"
BUCKET = "test"

def get_cpu_temperature():
    temp = os.popen("vcgencmd measure_temp").readline()
    return float(temp.replace("temp=", "").replace("'C\n", ""))

while True:
    temperature = get_cpu_temperature()
    data = f"temperature value={temperature}"
    payload = f"{BUCKET} data={data}"
    headers = {
        "Authorization": f"Token {TOKEN}",
        "Content-Type": "application/x-www-form-urlencoded"
    params = {
        "org": ORG
    response ="{INFLUXDB_URL}/api/v2/write", data=payload, headers=headers, params=params)
    print(f"Temperature: {temperature}°C | Response: {response.status_code}")
    time.sleep(60)  # Send data every 60 seconds