Reporting in Grafana

i want to generate a report in grafana but i dont know how can i do it

Hi @nadia,

With such little detail, there is simply no way to provide any sort of meaningful answer to this question. I would encourage you to please provide as much detail – including examples of what you have tried, etc. – and details about exactly what you’re trying to achieve in roder to allow someone to assist you.

This question is simply too broad and open ended to be answerable.

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I work on grafana and influxdb and I want to generate reports, first I followed the steps of this document GitHub - IzakMarais/reporter: Service that generates a PDF report from a Grafana dashboard, but the reports are not yet generated, I do not know if I have to install something else by the way i’m using the latest version of grafana


this is what I get when I tape report

This is really a Grafana question and not an Influx question. As I’m not a Grafana expert, I am unable to answer. Maybe another user here is a Grafana expert, or you could try the Grafana user communities.

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