Replicate data from Influx OSS to another Influx OSS

I have two instances of Influxdb OSS - at home on RPI and a new one on AWS cloud. I wanted to replicate data from home influx to the AWS cloud. However, the status data does not flow and the status code after entering “influx replication list” has no sign.
Please help.

Hi @wasik10,
Can you show us the commands you have run to create the replication, please? Please also note this does not replicate current data but any new inserts being added into the original bucket. You should be able to also see the last status code when using influx replication list

hello @Jay_Clifford , thank You for your interest

Hi @wasik10,
can you try adding the full URL path?
Here is my setup:

0997e8339fd89000	cloud	cbd6ccb935bfd571	05ea551cd21fb6e4	false

I belive you might be missing the https:// I would also try running the command with and without the allow insecure tls to see if this makes a difference.