Replicate influxDB OSS to influxDB OSS

Hi all,
I have two influxDB OSSs installed on two different PCs. The PCs are placed in two different places and are connected via VPN.
While googling I came up with the following questions:
Is it possible to clone the data of a certain bucket of one PC to another PC? Searching on the net I found the “Replication” function is it possible to use it with two OSS and not with a cloud service?
Also what happens if the connection is lost for a few hours? Does the DB buffer the data not yet sent and send them as soon as the connection is present again or does it behave in another way?

Hello @ATeam,
InfluxDB Edge Data Replication is a reliable, queue-backed service that lets you replicate data between InfluxDB at the edge and another InfluxDB instance, whether in the cloud or at the edge. The replication stream uses an internal, durable queue to buffer any data designated for replication.

I managed to set up a replication stream between two OSS.
But when the connection goes down, the data is not buffered.
The Status Code is 204 and not 202, I don’t know if this is correct

The status code remains 204 even when the target influxDB instance is stopped instead of giving an
Am I not configuring some parameters?

InfluxDB version: 2.5.1
OSS: Windows 10

Maybe I’m wrong something? Is there anyone who has used the “replication” function between two OSS who has some advice?

Hi @ATeam,

I see the same behaviour on my side, on a linux server with 2 influx OSS v2.5.1. Everything is alrigth except when I disconnect them. I tried changing parameters, but nothing goes better. No latestErrorMessage, no growing currentQueueSizeBytes, latestResponseCode = 204…

Perhaps trying influx OSS v2.7 ?

Hello @ATeam,

I tried replication feature with deconnection/reconnection with the brand new v2.7.0 of influx. I manage to recover data after a reconnection event. Now I see currentQueueSizeBytes growing and I get

  • “latestResponseCode”: 0,
  • “latestErrorMessage”: “Post **************: dial tcp: lookup ******** on server misbehaving”,

during deconnection.

I hope that will be usefull for you.

Hi @agintz,
Thanks for your support and sorry for the delay, I will try the new version of InfluxDB as well, and if it works, I will mark your answer as the solution.