"Hot Swap" an active bucket?

The Setup: Telegraf is operating at the edge sending measurements to Influxdb OSS. That host needs to go down for several hours of scheduled maintenance.

The Problem: Data loss during the downtime.

The Question: Can an Influxdb Cloud account be created and Telegraf data re-routed there? Would that require deploying a 2nd Telegraf instance with a config file which points to the Cloud? Then the Cloud and OSS data sets would be merged and de-dup’ed later. Are there other alternatives?


you can easily replicate data from an OSS instance to the Cloud, but not vice versa. See:

However, you can use the to() function if your data load isn’t that high to write data from Cloud to OSS if you expose your OSS instance. What are you running your OSS instance on?

Thanks @Anaisdg . Saw the edge replication YouTube after posting this topic.

Rasp Pi 4 using docker images for Telegraf and Influxdb. This dev config will migrate to a production environment which brought up the question.

Yah unfortunately tor tolerance against outages and high availability we suggest you pay for the Enterprise version…we have to sell something :stuck_out_tongue: .