Rename tag permanently Influx

I am trying to rename a tag name, I have used the rename() function in flux, but this is only as a query, it doesn’t change the actual name of it / I am not altering the table. Cannot find any documentation for this. Any ideas?

Hello @Luis,
You can rename that tag in a task in 2.0.

Alternatively you might want to use the telegraf rename processor plugin.

Thanks, but couldn’t make any of these two work. Just to clarify, this will rename the tag values in my database?
I tried with the telegraf plugin and it does nothing:
namepass = “measurement_name”
tag = “erbID”
dest = “erb_id”
No errors or anything and I have used the right configurations from my 2.0 cloud account but none of the tags with erbID are changed to erb_id.

Also for the task I couldn’t figure out how to tweak that to my specific problem. Could you give me an example?
Just want to change all the tag names in one of my measurements.


Is there any answer to this? Have seen this getting asked a lot of places so would be really good to get an example on how one could do this. Thanks.

No, this Telegraf config will only rename tags as the data is being processed by Telegraf, before sending it on to InfluxDB. Any tag information already in InfluxDB will not be touched by this.

In order to change you data in InfluxDB you’ll have to make a query that changes the name (which is sounds like you’ve already made) and them write the results of that query back into an InfluxDB bucket using Flux’s to() function.

This will write duplicate records, so you will then need to delete the records with the old tag names