Rename metric based on its tag value

I want to rename a metric based on the value of its tag.

Reason: A large JSON array is received via http get and parsed in the inputs plug-in. My testing has shown that only the first measurement_name statement takes effect. In other words, if the code sets measurement_name="foo", parses out a metric, . . . then sets measurement_name="bar" and parses a different metric . . . the result is that all the parsed metrics have the same measurement name (foo).

The second batch of parsed metrics need to have a different name.

I tried [[processors.regex.metric_rename]] which seems to only search on the measurement name.

How do I start with one JSON array, parse out several metrics based on different criteria (which works now) and assign each result its own unique measurement name.

Hello @phil,
I think your bet bet might be the execd processor plugin.
You could also write all of the data to InfluxDB and then use tasks do some of this renaming and rewrite the data to a new bucket.