Remove Login Screen


Version: OSS

Is it possible to remove the login screen and have a default read-only user? This was suggest 5 years ago in this post. Has the ability been added to V2.x?

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Hello @ArchieC,

It hasn’t. I would like to encourage you to create a feature request here: GitHub - influxdata/ui: UI for InfluxDB

May I ask why do you want this feature?

Hi Anaisdg,

Thanks for confirming that, I’ll make a feature request.

We want this feature as we are currently using Influx to store and display test data. This feature would make it easier to just share a link to a dashboard to any of my colleagues without having to provide them with login information. We are also going to be setting up a display that would be attached to our test rig that would have dashboard permanently displayed. I can imagine removing the login screen would make that setup more reliable.

Hope that makes sense.

Edit: I’ve created a request.

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You can do this with notebooks and i believe the feature is coming to dashboards too:

Thanks for the reply. This seems to be feature of InfluxDB Cloud and not InfluxDB OSS which I am using. But thanks for letting me know.