Regex processor with snmp table dotted indexes


I am currently monitoring a SNMP table with doted index structure for specific router interfaces. For example, the index returned is something like 1001.1, where 1001 is the interface snmp index and the standalone 1 is the internal communication channel inside the interface.

As for other snmp table polling, I was able to get specific OID lookup and used as tags when they match the table index (like mapping the ifAlias/ifName OID in the dot3StatsTable for example).

I tried the Regex processor plugin with with the “index as tag” option to rip off the extra .1 part and keep only the interface index, but my problem is that it does not compare it to the other OIDs I would like to get also as tags.

On the docs, I could only find processor fields or tags, but not index. Is there a way to get the processor to change the table index value and match other OIDs as tags?