Refreshing Telegraf shows dips on graphs in Grafana

I’m currently graphing some common IF-MIB octet counters in Grafana after polling them through the SNMP plugin in Telegraf, and while this is mostly fine, I’m seeing distortions every time I refresh Telegraf with…

pkill -1 telegraf

Is there a way to avoid this? We’re talking about refreshing configuration to pull in new devices to poll, and it’d be less than ideal to have these show up every 10 minutes…any suggestions would be appreciated!

@jasonmkeller You can always send a SIGHUP to reload configuration without killing the process. So try pkill -SIGHUP telegraf.

But that’s what I’m already doing?


So is pkill -1 not the same as pkill -SIGHUP ?

Might be related to what’s brought up at the bottom of…

chbrown commented on Jan 8
I tried this and telegraf dropped/purged/truncated its output buffer. Is there a way to avoid that?

This looks like a bug. Can you open a new issue on github and comment on the issue you linked to?

Bug opened…

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