Telegraf still populating SNMP metrics to Influx with no connection

Hope this is right forum. I’m using telegraf to poll various nodes via SNMP and then populate InfluxDB
I’ve just noticed that when the node is completely offline or the nodes SNMP service is shut down that telelgraf appears to keep populating Infkux with the last value? Is this normal?

I shutdown a node completely and then ran “telegraf --test --config /etc/telegraf/telegraf.d/node1.conf” and it just timed out…but when I check the InfluxDB it is continuing to get values - my expectation is it would get a null or 0 value


No this isn’t expected, Telegraf will stop reporting for the device if it can’t connect. I think it is unlikely that this is what is happening though, perhaps it’s just a query issue?

ok that’s good to hear :slight_smile: Would the expected behaviour be to not populate anything or populate a null metric value?

Here is query im using SELECT “agents-ready” FROM “snmp” where TIME > now() -1h LIMIT 10

I also have Grafana graphing this same metric and it is staying constantly on the last value which makes me think my query is correct