Questions about building influxdb v1.x

Installation Environment : Ubuntu20.04 x64

I use go1.13 to compile and install influxdb v1.8.3 from the source code. When I use dep ensure to resolve the dependency, it prompts: “could not find project Gopkg.toml, use dep init to initiate a manifest”. When using dep init, it prompts: " init failed: unable to determine direct dependencies:…"

When compiling and installing inflxudb v1.7.8 from the source code, Gopkg.toml and other related files exist, but they don’t exist after v1.7.9. Now how do I resolve the dependency?

Use go install ./… to install directly, the installation can be successful, but when you check the version of influxdb, “InfluxDB shell version: unknown” is displayed.

All the problems did not appear when compiling 1.7.8, and the installation was successful.

I’m not sure how many devs monitor the forums here. If you don’t get any other responses, try opening an issue on the influxdb git hub repo

@ventofy later versions of v1.7 and v1.8 moved away from dep in favor of Go modules. Each branch should have a file describing how to build the project from source (for example, here’s the file for 1.8: influxdb/ at 1.8 · influxdata/influxdb · GitHub). You’ll need to set some build tags as described in the doc for things like the version number to be properly injected into the binary.

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