Questions about background service of dbv2 and telegraf configs

Hello everyone I’m new to InfluxDB and having a few questions, I’m sorry if they’re inappropriate:

  1. How to make influxdb v2 run at startup? Now if my ssh session that starts the “influxd” command is gone the influxd daemon is gone too, I tried “systemctl enable influxdb” but it didn’t work. (maybe the influxdb.service was from older version?)

  2. Is it possible for a single telegraf agent to claim multiple config files simutaneously? If so, how? If not, is it possible to run, say, 2 telegraf agents which is with its own config file? And How?

  3. The telegraf daemon has nothing to do with its config file, right? We need to run --config to specify a certain config file to the daemon?

Thank you very much