InfluxDB2 and environment variables/config file

Hey folks!

I was going to install influxDB for our needs (few thousands of clients, tonns of metrics) with telegraf, influx-relay and Grafana.
Had a lot of experience with TICK stack.
I have not heard about InfluxDB2 and I had a huge frustration.

Could you please answer on some points and maybe provide a good alternative?

  1. No config files - everything via arguments to cli daemon and UI
  2. No environment variables supported
  3. No service for systemd/init (not a problem, but take a look at point 2 - that’s a problem!)
  4. Everything in one file! Really? What about unix way? What’s the terrible solution? I need just TSDB, that’s all!

I understand that this is alpha only and we shouldn’t use it in production, but will this adrressed in the future? Can’t find this in the roadmap.

I really dunno - should we use TICK and wait for influx2.0 as just TSDB or don’t waste time and take a look to another solution.

Any thoughts?


Hi Ivan ,welcome to the community ,

Your feedback and questions about 2.0 are very valuable ,
everybody is encouraged to test version 2.0 but
you can continue using the 1.x TICK stack while InfluxDB 2.0 is in alpha ,
More features are being added to 2.0 and the developers ask for and listen to feedback

Best regards ,