Query-timeout configuration param doesn't work

In short using influxdb 1.7.2 where I have set following query limits:
log-queries-after = “60s”
query-timeout = “120s”

Now after running large query (from influx cli) following occurs:
ts=2019-02-25T04:09:09.400134Z lvl=warn msg=“Detected slow query: SELECT * FROM WHERE id = LIMIT 1 (qid: 123456789, database: , threshold: 1m0s)” log_id= service=query

However query-timeout is never triggered (which I would assume happening after 2min) and in the end influx query eats all memory, system swaps and 10min from there OOM occurs.

Just to check–have you restarted the Influx service since you made changes to the config?

Yes I have done restart after config change

Hi can you share the output of :

influxd config|grep -i quer

docker exec -i -t influxdb /usr/bin/influxd config|grep -i quer
query-log-enabled = true
max-concurrent-queries = 0
query-timeout = “2m0s”
log-queries-after = “1m0s”
query-stats-enabled = false