Query Time date range but a time window with in that range like 9-17

Hi, want to ask question, shout if somewhere better to ask then here.

Can you query for a range of dates but a time window inside, like all of June, Monday-Fri, 9:00-17:00?

Where Date between 2017-08-01 and 2017-08-31
and Day of week in (‘Monday’, ‘Tuesday’…)
and Time between ‘09:00’ and ‘17:00’

Influx looks great, but all this Time series data stuff I see seems to focus on continues data. I am trying to find something to replace the database were using, GB of data for a tens of thousands of sensors. and apparently 30 sec for a query of a months of data for a specific set of sensors is too slow.

so like the query above, only interested in query for a time across each day. but that time is select-able, so just discarding data outside that time is not so good.

If any points regarding this, or a better place to ask, thank you in advance.

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