Possible to restrict a query's time range?


I am trying to build a query that will restrict how much data can be queried. For example I only want to allow a user to be able to query ATMOST 24hrs worth of data at a time. However, I want them to be able to select from the time filter accordingly. For example, a user can query from 4/15/19 - 4/16/19, but can’t query from 4/15/19 - 4/17/19. I am primarily interested in this as it will increase performance as the query will be cut-off at the 24hrs. It is also worth mentioning that I am using grafana. Is this even possible to do? Thanks to all of those who reply in advance.


Hello @kyled,

I’m a little confused by your question. Would something like this be what you’re looking for: SELECT "usage_user" FROM "telegraf"."autogen"."cpu" WHERE time >'2019-04-16T00:00:00Z' - 24h AND "cpu"='cpu-total' FILL(null)

That allows you to specify the absolute start time with the relative time.


Hello @Anaisdg thanks for the response! What I am really trying to do is allow a user to only be able to select 24h’s of data at a time given a start (and end date?). Is something like this possible to do? I was thinking perhaps just have the user be able to pick a time range from the time filter, but if the range exceeds 24 hours from the starting time, any data after the 24h’s won’t be shown, regardless if the user selected a range that bounds from day 1 to day 3. (Where, to reiterate, I would only want the user to see data from day 1, up until 24hrs, in which then it would be cut off)


Hello @kyled,

The above query does allow you select only 24hs of data at a time given a start date. You can input any start date you want and use the relative time of -24 h to limit the window. Any data after that would be cut off.


Hmmm I must be doing something wrong. This is what I have as my query but I am not getting any results.


Hi @kyled,
from what i can see in the upper right corner of your screen you are querying data from 4 till 5 februari …
Is that what you intend to do ?
Best regards


@MarcV Yes but the upper bound (Feb 5th) should not matter. I am really only interested in selecting a start time from the time filter, and then displaying 24h + from the selected starting time.


Maybe it is the blank/space in “CAT 1” ?

update :
I see now that it is an alias ,
the query will return no result because it would rather be something like this ?
select usage_idle as “cat 1” from cpu limit 4