Problems publishing to InfluxDB

Hi everyone, I´m quite new using InfluxDB and telegraf so my appologies in advance in case any question seems silly. I am collecting data using an Arduino UNO and publishing it to a MQTT broker as JSON. The idea is to use telegraf to collect this data and publish it in InfluxDB. I installed everything correctly and when I test the .conf Windows Powersheel says telegraf connected to the broker correctly.

2020-04-16T12:42:26Z I! [inputs.mqtt_consumer] Connected [tcp://]

But when I check the targeted Bucket in the Influx UI it never shows anything. Just the “No Results” screen.

  (##) urls exp:
  urls = [""]
  token = "$INFLUX_TOKEN"
  organization = ""
  bucket = "agustinorlando2009's Bucket"
  servers = ["tcp://"]   
  topics = [
   (#)topic_tag = "topic"
   (#)qos = 0
  connection_timeout = "30s"
  data_format = "json"

As I could see from most examples here most people use the “outputs.influxdb” and databases plugin instead of the “outputs.influxdb_v2” and buckets. Should I use the “outputs.influxdb” one? If that is the case what urls should I use?

Thanks in advance for your time and help.

Hello @Agustin_Orlando,
When you look for the buckets with influx bucket list what do you get?
Can you try including the bucket ID instead of the name?