Telegraf to Influx database

Hi everyone! I´ve been trying to use an Arduino UNO to publish a json to a mqtt broker, the use telegraf to collect said json and send it to an influx database. I installed telegraf and influxdb 1.8 and then started the telegraf service using Windows´ PowerShell ISE, and it says it has connected with the MQTT broker correctly.

2020-04-25T16:31:01Z I! [inputs.mqtt_consumer] Connected [tcp://]

When I open the influxd.exe, I get the following message whenever the json is published

[httpd] - - [25/Apr/2020:13:31:30 -0300] “POST /write?db=prueba_telegraf_mqtt_1 HTTP/1.1” 204 0 “-” “Telegraf/1.13.4” 380e8e9b-8712-11ea-8001-00e04c6871cd 53966

I created the “prueba_telegraf_mqtt_1” database using the influx.exe cmd. However, I am not sure how or where I can see the json that is being sent to the database, or if it is being received at all. How can I check this?

This is the telegraf.conf configuration

servers = [“tcp://”]
topics = [
data_format = “json”

(#) urls = [“udp://localhost:8086”] # UDP endpoint example
urls = [“”]
skip_database_creation = true
database = “prueba_telegraf_mqtt_1”

Thanks in advance for your help.

Hello @Agustin_Orlando,
Can you please try setting debug=True in [agent] in you telegraf config and share the output?
Thank you!