Problem with register points

Im having problems with concurrent write of points.
Im capturing about 5 concurrent metrics in a batchprocess, First the points was overwritten so i add a Guid for each datapoint. Buit im receiving more writeErrorrs than writeOk in show stats.
So i change the guid for a random number.
Now I get client exceptions im using AdysTech influxClient but there’s no detail in stacktrace in the client side.

The instance for the influxdb is a aws T2.medium. 4 GB RAM 2 virtual cpus, the telegraf monitoring show that the memory is down the 50% of usage.

The influx is running with default configuration, im new in influx and i dont see errors in the influxlog.
I use a namedDatabase in influx.

The kind of datapoints that i write are of this kind
MeasurementName,TagName1=CCCC,host=hostName,UQIdentifier=339c139 tiempoGuardado=0.0127846,noEventos=1
The concurrent writes in a second are aproximately 150 events x 5 measurements.
Each point is written individually with TimePrecision in NanoSeconds, im sending the time to prevent the overwrite of the point.
In the show stats i can see in httpd clientErrors, pointsWrittenFail, and serverError with data above 0.

Do you have any recomendation to track the missing points.