Problem in running influxdb windows binary package

  Hi,I download the lastest influxdb for windows 64bit binary , 

version is 1.3.6. when i unzip the zip file,i got five files but their name not ends with .exe. so double click to run influxd file is not working.
So i doubt if 1.3.6 infuxdb for windows ,the release file names is not correct,missing .exe for file extension. It is working ok, when i add .exe extension for file influxd . Or there is a new way to do that?
Also I have a question, I found no influx.conf file,and the data, wal, meta files are all stored in current users folders ,maybe just put a conf file in the zip package is better.

The issue is probably what I had where the binaries in the influxdb folder were missing the “.exe” extension. I updated them all to include the extension, and then everything was fine.

We made some changes to our packaging system and the 1.3.6 Windows release mistakenly lost the .exe extension and missed the example configuration file. The next release will have the extension and the configuration file. Sorry for the inconvenience.