Post Alert messages to web API endpoint

Chronograf> Kapacitor> Alert Task> Add a Handler
I am using “Send this Alert to” feature and selected Post as a handler on Windows.

I am not able to send Alert messages to web API endpoint i created using Python.

I do not get any values, it returns null, but I can post to my API using Postman or other HttpRequest tools.
It works with Slack etc.
Am i missing anything?

For brevity i am sending only one element.

Below is the code:
from bottle import run, get, post, request

alerts = [{‘alert_name’: ‘CPUUsage’}]

def addone():
new_alert = {‘alert_name’: request.json.get(‘alert_name’)}
return {‘alert’: alerts}

run(reloader=True, debug=True)

Issue fixed
Check post