Possible to remove back slashes from query results

My apologies for this newb question… but I just started to use InfluxDB. I am using Grafana as the front end to graph SNMP bandwidth data and I am hoping there is a flag or something similar that will remove the \ from the query results to clean them up.

SHOW TAG VALUES WITH KEY = “ifAlias” WHERE hostname =~ /pr01/ AND ifAlias =~ /LEVEL3/

TRANSIT:\ FS01-EQSV5\ |\ 8:A:1\ ||\ LEVEL3\ ||\ CID:\ BDFK0906\ ||\ Cable-ID:\ 20258893\ ||\ Support:\ https://mylevel3.net\ ||\ US:\ 877-453-8353\ option\ 2,\ option\ 1
TRANSIT:\ LEVEL3\ ||\ AS:3356\ ||\ CID:\ BDFR6949\ ||\ Cable\ ID:\ 20278585\ ||\ Support:\ https://mylevel3.net\ ||\ US:\ 877-453-8353\ option\ 2,\ option\ 1

I am not sure if my question is InfluxDB related to more Grafana related to strip out the \ from the returned results. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

I don’t think there is a way to clean this up at query time.
Hopefully in IFQL you may define a function for that. :crossed_fingers:

I would suggest to clean data on the input side - before it is sent to InfluxDB.
Alternatively it may be cleaned with Kapacitor/UDF.

Thank you for the reply. I am using LibreNMS and its built in InfluxDb support. If I understand what you are saying, the insert is not escaping these white spaces with a \ and that the data is stored in influx with the \ already in place. Is that correct…??

Yes, I guess so.
I didn’t work with LibreNMS, but is it possible to sniff what data it sends?

According to line protocol https://docs.influxdata.com/influxdb/v1.4/write_protocols/line_protocol_reference/#special-characters
spaces don’t need to be escaped inside field values.

InfluxDB and Grafana do not add these character in any other way.
You can also explore the stored data with Chronograf.