Trimming tags in influxdb

I have below data in grafana, coming from influxDB.

Data in InfluxDB :


Client_Name is a tag. I want to clean the (4234)… paranthesis from data so that Res1(4234) will be Res1 , Res2(4254) will be Res2 , Res3(1223) will be Res3…

How can i do this ? I have 1000 s of datas like this.

Which InfluxDB version do you use? Do you need a flux or InfluxQL query?

PS: The best solution would of course be to prepare the data in such a way that they end up correctly formatted in InfluxDB. Saves a lot of trouble afterwards. :smirk:

Hello Franky,

You are right. At the beginning everything was good. But there had been an upgrade in the source management system. We are getting data from them and their database schema changed alot. Now information is coming like this for 3 months and we cannot change it in the source. We are using influxdb v1.7 and influxql. Is there a way to achieve this?