Possible to customize hover tooltip of graph line

Hello everyone,

I’d like to ask if there is is any way to customize the hover tooltip of Graph View by adding or removing the key: values from it to be displayed.

I would like to for example only want to see only time _time and _values key:values. See default setup:

As you can see all sorts of values are displayed, but most of them are redundant for my use case.
GUI also does not take in to account, when moving the mouse around the first half of graph, that the values at the beginning of tooltip cannot be seen if the tooltip window is too large.

Is it possible to do something about it? Should I raise github issue?

Thank you.

Don’t stress about this, but a lesson for future is that you probably want to shorten your measurement , tag, and field names a bit. I made similar on my first influxdb . Live and learn :wink:

Yes, believe you can achieve roughly what you want to do but it’s been a while so I’m rusty. Essentially near the bottom of your influx query you pipe into columns() or keep() for inclusive or exclusive filtering and specify the columns you’re actually interested in. Be prepared to experiment for a while tho, I found I had to retain _time and _starttime/_endtime or my charts just turned into a mess :smiley:

Full details here


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Hi @FixTestRepeat ,

I actually found this solution few hours afte my original question. I didn’t expect Flux would be the solution.
I used keep() in the end, but I’ll try columns(). If used the keep() after aggregations function, than the graph turned into mess. I was just using _time and _values columns. If I used keep() before the aggregation function, than _start_time/_end_time didnt go away even though not specified in keep, but at least most of the time the graph turned out to be OK.

Sometime Influx behaves in a really weird way :slight_smile:


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