Possible corruption between databases

Using Influx 1.7.9, I have 2 databases: telegraf and city. the telegraf.conf file has the system (host) cpu, disk, etc pointing at telegraf. The other Telegraf config files live in telegraf.d/ wlc1.conf and wlc1-users.conf point at the telegraf db, while city-wlc.conf & city-users.conf point at the city db. Why do I see entries from wlc1 in my city db? they should be writing only to telegraf db in influx. I do not see entries from city-wlc in the telegraf db. I have dropped & recreated city db and the issue still occurs. the telegraf db was the 1st db created, and city db the second on the same influx server.
influx 1.7.9, telegraf 1.13.2, Grafana 6.6.2 on Ubuntu 18 TLS

Hi @Eric_Garnel -

Could you share your Telegraf configuration files?

Could you share the queries that are showing data in your city database that you expect only in your Telegraf database? Or please share how you determined the problem?