Error with Multiple Databases

Getting very strange results when setting up telegraf to send to multiple databases.

It seems that if 2 services are writing at the exact same time they will cross write information to both databases. Sometimes only including “some” of the fields, sometimes including all the fields of the other measurements. This will result in a measurement having a bunch of empty or weirdly populated columns when you do queries.
I’ve setup my outputs to look like this… writing everything to 1 database and namespacing measurements seems to work fine but we would prefer to have some services write to different databases.

  urls = [""]
  database = "xxxx"
  username = "xxxx"
  password = "xxxx"
    sometag1 = ["tag1val"]

  urls = [""]
  database = "yyyy"
  username = "yyyy"
  password = "yyyy"
    sometag2 = ["tag2val"]

If services are not writing to telegraf at the same time there is no issue. But it seems like sometimes the data will be merged together and have the needed tag to be accepted into both the databases.

What version of Telegraf are you using? There was a bug with symptoms similar to this that was fixed in Telegraf 1.8. (#4646)

Telegraf v1.7.3

Thank you I will upgrade