Telegraf and separate influxdb

I have the following setup

database 1 bill
database 2 ben

both in the same instance of influxdb V1.8

telegraf.conf has no input or output settings

in telegraf.d

bill.conf database = “bill”

ben.conf database = “ben”

All starts up ok, and in chrongraf i see both databases, however

in bill I see bill and bens measurements and tags,

and in

ben I see bill and bens measurements and tags

I wish only to see bills data in bill , not ben and vice versa

Have i missed something?

If I’ve read this correctly you can specify a database tag

You might be able to update bill and ben conf files to use that option, I’m not sure though I’ve not tried it.

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Yes that does work, though for some reason the tag option was not in the created telegraf.conf.
Also it does raise the question is the database_tag superflous if the database entry is there.
The mapping between telegraf and influxdb for the database entry does not appear to do anything.
Thanks for helping out.

In all honesty, my configs are pretty cut down/slim. I’d never seen that option before, I was looking for a telegraf processor plugin to rename the database (I thought that was the way) and found that.

I’m not sure why there is the two options. If they’re on the same output why would you set a DB then override it a couple of lines down?

Ah well! no problem, glad it fixed the issue.

I can only suggest that in relational databases such as postgresql, it would be equivalent to a schema.
Again thanks, better than creating extra services.