Performance Improvement

Hi Team,

I’m using InfluxDB 1.8 as a data source for my Grafana instance. When the number of users increases the grafana impacts the InfluxDB performance. Also, the number of panels view by also impacts the performance.

Scenarios :

  1. Accessing real-time data

  2. Accessing previous data

Guide me.

Hello @gerardJ,
You’re seeing a performance decrease with Grafana? Or a performance decrease with InfluxDB?

If It’s the former, that sounds like a Grafana issue.

Perhaps you can try asking here?

If it’s the latter, how are you evaluating the performance decrease in InfluxDB?

It is mostly on the influxDB side, the container running influxdb memory and CPU observing high during the test or accessing Grafana. Any best practices I can apply to fine-tune the DB.

and you’re increasing the number of InfluxDB users?
The number of panels decreasing the performance makes sense to me because you’re querying for more data.
How many users and how many panels?
InfluxDB will try to grab as much available memory as possible.