InfluxDB very poor performance feels like a limit command

Hello everyone,
we managed to build a influxdb which gets data from a python influx module as series, and output them in grafana.

This system works for us except for one point… performance.
The hardware is very powerfull. (8 core Xeon 16 GB RAM, SSD) InfluxDB is version 1.8.3
And there is no difference if i try to monitore 1 or 10 mashines.
It seems to me more like a “limit” command that drops every data except for every 5 Minutes where some data gets passed through.
following i can get from the error log:
2020/11/18 14:03:02 [crit] 2545#2545: *19 connect() to unix:///home/administrator/rabbit/rabbit.sock failed (2: No such file or directory) while connecting to upstream

the interesting thing here is that the rabbit.sock data is allright and writeable

we expect data to come in like every 5 seconds

maybe someone allready got a similar problem and could help us out here.

Hello @Varadux,
Welcome! I’m sorry you’re experiencing performance issues. What is your cardinality and ingest volume rate like?

Thank you