MySQL on grafana through influxdb or not?

Can anybody please tell me what would be the difference if I connect MySQL directly to my grafana or I have MySQL connected to influxDB with the official plugin?

Quesiton in detail:

If it has the same performance, I think I would use influxdb plugins for MySQL as I got used to making dashboards from influxdb data. If the query remains the same I want to connect MySQL to grafana without help of influxdb as I think it’s gonna be easier to manage it.

Just to clarify, you’re currently using the MySQL data-source plugin for Grafana to query tables like PERFORMANCE_SCHEMA in order to monitor your MySQL instances? And you’re interested in using Telegraf with the MySQL input plugin to gather those metrics instead?

The performance impact on MySQL will depend on what queries you’re using and how often you’re querying for data.

Telegraf also queries MySQL for this information; if you’re interested, you can take a look at the source code here and examine the queries it uses for yourself. Telegraf can be set up with varying collection intervals.

In terms of how much work it will require to execute the queries, you will do slightly more work overall by using Telegraf because you will need to query MySQL first from Telegraf, write the data, and then query it from InfluxDB, but it will give you more flexibility in how you distribute that load depending on where you run the Telegraf process.